Bible study, Two types of Gods (Spirit)

Bible study, Two types of Gods (Spirit)

Bible study, What is religion?

Religion(宗敎) is the teaching of God.

If believers do not know about God, then that is because they are fake believers.

Bible study, Two types of Gods(Spirit)

There are two types of gods(Spirit).

1. The creator of the heavens 

2. The other is Devil(Satan, serpent)

one of the creatures created by God (Gn 3, Rv 12:9).

Originally this creature was an archangel(Eze 28).

However he went against God by trying to be like God 

and made his own sect. (Is 14:12-15, Jd 1:6, 19, 2 Pt 2:4)

The people of the earth do not know the fact

that Satan deceived them and that they belong to Satan

because of their ignorance of God and Satan.

Bible study, Two types of people(Flesh)

There are angels who sinned among the creatures

therefore there are two types of gods (spirits) 

and also two types of men (flesh) accordingly. 

There are those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul

and the One who can destroy both soul and body.

With this, we can know that people’s souls can be living although their flesh were killed.

If the souls of the dead come with Christ, 

do they exist only as souls? 

Or do they live with the physical bodies? 

What was mentioned about this in the Bible? 

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