Shincheonji Volunteers ‘People who made tiny changes’

Shincheonji Volunteers ‘The people who made tiny changes’

According to Leo Tolstoy "True life is lived when tiny changes occur."

I would like to introduce to you some people who make tiny change.

Last month, These people wearing yellow vests caused a tiny change in the old walls of Gyeonggi-do Bucheon-si Daejang-dong, S. Korea.

For a neglected class of people, they came to the village to paint murals on the side of buildings under the title 'Dream'.

Volunteers offers volunteer work to 3 households, which were selected, during 4 days. Shincheonji volunteers and 108 foreign workers worked together.

Before they colored the side of houses, they filled the crack with cement, and weed the lawn for the wall full of dream.

Participating the Mural Painting makes me happy. Serving Volunteer makes me happy. 
By having a discussion with friends we get closer to each other.

Jonathan from Philippine shared how he felt after competing Mural Painting.

“We hope our mural painting help people to remind their childhood. And it might provide chance to find dream to somebody.”

Shincheonji Volunteers were thanked and happy for the residents because they welcomed the volunteers. After the murals were completed, the volunteers were delighted to see the smile of residents. 

They offers various voluntary activities constantly ; 

▲Environmental cleanup volunteer, Fixed volunteer work with Korean War Veterans Association, 
▲Year-end and New Year’s campaign to help unfortunate neighbors (rice, Kim-chi, donating briquettes), 
▲Pink cloth Volunteer (sharing the side dishes), 
▲A Cheer for a Hundred Years of Age (making healthy the old culture), etc.

Shincheonji Volunteers will continue so, please give cheers for their various voluntary activities. 


Shincheonji beliefs│Let us give thanks and offer glory to our Father God eternally ♥

Shincheonji beliefs │Let us give thanks and offer glory to our Father God eternally ♥

The world God created is truly awe-inspiring. 

There is a light from the sun during the daytime and there is light from the moon and stars during the night time. There are clouds and flying birds in the sky. There are animals, grass and plants on earth. Beautiful flowers bloom. It rains and snows on earth. In the sea, there are several different kinds of fish swimming. Alluring coral creates breathtaking scenery inside the sea. 

It is such a joy and an honor to be part of this wonderful scenery and to be able to live together with all creation all year round.

하나님께서 창조하신 세계 지구촌은 참으로 아름답다. 낮에는 햇빛, 밤에는 달빛과 반짝이는 별빛, 하늘에는 구름이 있고 새가 날고, 땅에는 짐승들과 초목들이 있고 아름다운 꽃들이 피고 비가 오고 눈이 내리며, 바다에는 각종 물고기가 왕래하고 아름다운 산호가 꽃 같은 풍경을 이룬다. 나도 춘하추동 아름다운 풍경 속의 한 존재로 만물과 더불어 살고 있음은 참으로 기쁘고 즐겁고 영광스러운 일이다.

God’s creation is absolutely stunning and marvelous. It is heaven. 

In the harmony of heaven and earth and in the midst of all creation, I, too, become a delightful being. I become a flower and I become a butterfly. 

In fact, I am more precious than any flowers or butterflies. I’d like to become a living being of love just like the light, rain and air that are needed by all creation. I’d like to emit the true aroma of the living flower and become an eternal joy for all creation that everyone misses, seeks, waits for and needs. 

너무나 화려하고 아름다우며, 이것이 천국이다. 천지조화 만물지중에 나도 보기 좋은 한 존재로서 꽃이 되고 나비가 된다. 아니, 나는 그보다도 더 소중한 존재이다. 나는 만물에게 필요한 빛과 비와 공기같이 사랑의 생명체가 되고 싶다. 너도 나도 그리워하고 너도 나도 찾고 기다리며 원하는 참 생명의 꽃 향기로 영원히 만물의 기쁨이 되고 싶다. 

Singing like birds, dancing like butterflies, smiling like charming flowers, flowing like streams with a bright aroma, being like the morning smiles and smiling like the angelic and radiant moon, I’d like to smile, bloom and live with my friend in all creation forever and give thanks to our Lord. 

We shall love each other just like God and Jesus.

내 사랑하는 친구 만물들이여, 아름다운 불변의 꽃 친구들이여! 이별 없는 사랑으로 함께 살아 창조주께 영원히 감사 또 감사하며 향기로 영광 돌리며 노래하리라. 지저귀는 새들같이 노래하고, 나비같이 춤을 추며, 꽃같이 아름다운 미소로 웃음 짓고, 밝은 향기 속에 흐르는 시냇물같이, 아침의 웃음같이, 천공(天空)의 아름답고 밝은 달의 미소같이 나도 웃으며 밝게 만물의 친구들과 함께 영원히 꽃 피우며 함께 살아 주께 감사하고 싶다. 하나님같이 예수님같이 서로 사랑하리라.



What is so special about March 14th? The 34th Foundation day of Shincheonji

What is so special about March 14th? The 34th Foundation day of Shincheonji 

What word comes to your mind first about March 14th?

Today's a white day. White Day is celebrated on March 14 every year in Korea. 

White Day was first celebrated in 1978 in Japan. Later, the tradition of White Day was also introduced to Korea and Taiwan.

What is so special about March 14th? I'll let you know the breaking new on Mar. 14.

▶ The 34th foundation day of Shincheonji Live ☞ Click

March 14th 1984 which is the 34th foundation day of Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

This is the day that we see a new heaven and a new earth in our eyes. This is written in the Bible. A new heaven and a new earth is the final destination which God's will was prophesied, fulfilled and recorded in the Bible with the blood of apostles.

There is a short cut to meet God who prophesied in the Bible and fulfilled on earth.

Shincheonji Church is spreading to the whole world about gospel light of "the real certainty in the Bible" which was prophesied and fulfilled. 

And Shincheonji Church is delivering the truth of the Bible without cost and spread the love of God.

The eternal gospel is sweeter than Chocolate. 

I would like to introduce the word of Shincheonji to you in honor of the foundation day of Shicheonji Church of Jesus.

Many people have anxiety and depression living in this society. Our people are losing that faith, so am I. 

I grew up as a Christian but I stayed away from church and I did not know much about the word of God. 

I was invited to do the free bible course provided by Shincheonji, The Zion Mission Centre through my mother. 

I was so grateful that it is the word teaches me how to be the 'genuine believers' who are acknowledged by heaven.

We cannot become superficial believers. As long as we have begun to live the life of faith, we should walk the righteous path. And we should become the people of the truth.

I want all of you to receive grace and love from God through this the real certainty taken place as promised in the Bible.

I pray that all will come and take the free gift of the water of life(Rv 22:17) in order to become reborn and receive salvation.

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