[God's word for today] God's plan vs My plan

[God's word for today] God's plan vs My plan

Have you ever wondered what God's plan? I was busy talking my plans to God than to know about God's plan.

[God's word for today] God's plan vs My plan
The things of God VS The things of men

I often mistook that my thoughts are thoughts of God. No... Maybe I might want to believe that my thoughts are thoughts of God. 

As you saw from above verse, the thoughts of men may impede the ways of God.

God's plan and ways belongs to a different sphere from ours. What is the God's thoughts? And What is the God's plan? To understand this, we must examine the past history found in the Bible. 

[God's word for today] God's plan vs My plan
Did these people know why they were being destroyed? 

In Genesis 6 when God saw how great the wickedness of the world of Adam, the father of man (first pastor) whom God had previously acknowledged, had become and that every inclination of the thoughts of man’s heart was only evil all the time, the LORD was grieved that He had made man on the earth, and His heart was filled with pain.  

He said, “I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth.”  He raised Noah as the new pastor and brought the world of Adam to an end with a flood. 

As we have seen, God ends one era because of man’s wickedness, but is man aware of his sins?  

이를 알기 위해 성경의 과거의 역사로 돌아가 살펴보자. 창세기 6장에서 본바, 하나님께서 인정하시는 사람의 시조(최초의 목자)인 아담의 세계가 죄악이 관영함과 그 마음의 생각의 모든 계획이 항상 악할 뿐임을 보시고, 하나님께서 땅의 사람 지으셨음을 한탄하시어 지면의 모든 것을 쓸어버리겠다 하시고, 새 목자 노아를 대신 세우고 아담 세계를 홍수로 끝내셨다. 이로 보아 한 시대를 끝내심은 사람의 죄악 때문이었다. 이들이 자기의 죄를 알았을까? 왜 멸망을 받는지 알았을까?

[God's word for today] God's plan vs My plan
What is the process of how God fulfills His purpose?

Noah’s second son, Ham, sinned again, so God raised Moses, a descendant of Abraham, and gave the law. This law did not atone a person’s sin (Heb 10), but it was put in charge to lead the people to Christ (Gal 3:23-24). It was only an elementary teaching about Christ (Heb 6:1-2).

하나님이 목적하신 성사 노정은 어떤 것인가? 하나님은 노아의 둘째 아들 ‘함’이 또 범죄함으로 아브라함의 자손 모세를 세워 율법을 주셨다. 이 율법은 사실상 사람의 죄를 없게 할 수 없었고(히 10장), 그리스도에게로 인도하는 몽학선생(갈 3:23-24) 곧 그리스도 도의 초보일 뿐이었다(히 6:1-2).

God prophesied of future events through the Old Testament prophets and promised to send a specific pastor. When it was time to keep His promise, God came to the physical Israelites with the promised pastor (Jesus) and fulfilled the Old Testament (Jn 19:30). Jesus took up the cross and shed his blood for the sins of all people. Jesus shed his blood to atone for the sins of a promised group of people. 

이후 하나님은 구약 선지자들을 통해, 장래에 이룰 일과 약속의 목자를 보낼 것을 약속하셨고, 때가 되매 하나님은 약속의 목자(예수님)와 함께 육적 이스라엘에게 오시어 구약을 이루셨다(요 19:30). 예수님은 만민의 죄 사함을 인해 십자가를 대신 지시고 피를 흘리셨으며, 예수님이 피를 흘리심은 약속한 백성의 죄를 사해 주시기 위함이었다. 

Jesus fulfilled the promises God made through the prophet Jeremiah about a new thing, the planting of the seeds, and a new covenant.

1. 2,000 years ago, God came to Mary and gave birth to a son through the holy spirit of God ; this is the new work.

2. The planting of the seeds is the planting of the seed of heaven’s gospel instead of the law. 

3. The new covenant, or the New Testament, is the promise of the events that will fulfill in the Second Coming (Rv 21:6).

하나님께서 예레미야 선지자를 통해 새 일과 씨 뿌림과 새 언약을 세울 것을 약속하신 것을 예수님이 이루셨다. 하나님께서 마리아에게 임하시어 하나님의 성령으로 아들을 낳았으니 이것이 새 일이다. 씨 뿌림은 율법이 아닌 하늘의 복음의 씨를 뿌림을 말씀하신 것이다. 그리고 새 언약 곧 신약은 재림 때 이룰 것(계 21:6)을 약속하심을 말씀하신 것이다.

[God's word for today] God's plan vs My plan
What is the event of Second Coming of Jesus?

Jesus also proclaimed that he was going to return (second coming) to harvest and seal his people and create a new kingdom. 

The harvest is a gathering of the firstfruits that bore from the seed Jesus planted for the past 2,000 years since Jesus’ first coming (Mt 13:30, Rv 14:14-16).

Sealing the firstfruits that were harvested refers to the process of writing the promised revealed word in their hearts. In other words, recording the revealed word in the hearts is considered as "sealing" (Jn 3:31-34).

The church of Jesus becomes a church following mere traditions. After they crumble and are destroyed by the power of Satan (Rv 18:2-3), God creates a new kingdom of people who were harvested and sealed (Rv 1:5-6, 5:9-10, 7:1-14, 14:1-5, Rv 21).

This is the New Testament and the book of Revelation. 

예수님은 다시 오실(재림) 때 있을 일을 알리셨으니 곧 추수와 인침과 새 나라 창조였다. 추수는 초림 이후 2,000년 간 뿌려 온 씨의 익은 열매를 거두는 일이다. 추수한 익은 열매에게 인 치심은 약속의 계시 말씀을 마음에 새기게 하는 것이고, 계시 말씀을 마음에 새기는 것은 인 맞는 것이다(요 3:31-34). 사단의 세력에 의해 멸망받아 무너진 후 추수하여 인 맞은 자들로 하나님의 새 나라를 창조하시는 것이다. 이것이 신약이며 계시록이다. 

God’s long plan is finally being fulfilled in Revelation of the New Testament. And when all God's plan is fulfilled in this way, God says in Revelation 21:6, “It is finished."

Today, a believer must leave the elementary teachings and move on to the place of perfection, which is the new kingdom created according to Revelation's fulfillment. 

하나님의 오랜 역사는 신약의 계시록에서 완성된다. 그리고 하나님의 계획이 다 이루어졌을 때 “(다) 이루었도다.”라고 계시록 21:6같이 말씀하신 것이다. 오늘날 성도는 도의 초보를 버리고, 완전한 곳 곧 계시록이 성취된 새 나라로 나와야 한다.

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