The Story of the people in the shincheonji, Who is the people that speak the truth?

The Story of the people in the shincheonji,  Who is the people that speak the truth?

I am 'Good Seed' and I'm living in South Korea. I attended the Presbyterian Church from a very early age because my mother was a Christian. The majority of Korean churches belong to Presbyterianism. 

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I always wondered about the above question. And I found the correct answer in the shincheonji church of jesus(also known as ‘Shincheonji’). Now I'm attending for 10 years at the shincheonji church. 

The Story of the people in the shincheonji
Shincheonji Church of Jesus on a Dramatic Growth

Shincheonji continues to grow, and more notably, 90% of its congregation members come from other established churches.

The reason that the pastors, elders, evangelists, and congregation members under the established churches are gathering to Shincheonji is because God’s truth is with Shincheonji.

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK), mainly comprised of the Presbyterian Church that stemmed from Calvin (the murderer), has become corrupt. They do not have God, the Word, or the truth. — This is why their congregation members fled from there, following the truth.

기성교회의 목사들, 장로들, 전도사들, 각 부서의 성도들이 새천지에 모여온 주된 이유는 신천지에는 하나님과 진리가 있기 때문이다.  한기총은 부패했고, 하나님도 말씀도 진리도 없어 거기서 도망을 나온 것이다. 진리 따라 말이다.

The Story of the people in the shincheonji
What kind of Organization is CCK?

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Thus, the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) was established based on Presbyterian-related denominations whose roots lie in a political motivation, not based on the purpose of advancing Christianity.

The Story of the people in the shincheonji
Korean Christian Churches on a Dramatic Decrease

The CCK once had 12 million followers, but that number has now decreased to 6 million. The remaining 6 million has been further divided into two, with each side cursing another by labeling it as heretical. The reason for the CCK’s dramatic decrease in numbers is due to its corruption and false testimonies. 

한때 한기총의 교인 수는 1,200만이라고 했다. 한데 지금은 약 600만이고, 이 600만도 둘로 갈라져 서로 이단이라며 저주하고 있다. 이같이 급감된 이유는 그들의 부패와 거짓 증거 때문이다. 

The pastors of the denominations that belong to the CCK consider the number of their congregation their power, and feed lies to their congregation using their titles of being presidents and pastors. CBS, a religious broadcasting station with its main board members consisting of the CCK’s pastors, is also making up lies and airing them.

사람의 수효로 권력을 삼고, ‘회장이다, 목사다’라는 명분으로 거짓을 먹이고, 한기총 소속 교단의 목사들이 주요 이사로 구성된 CBS 종교 방송 또한 거짓을 지어 방송하고 있다. 

The Story of the people in the shincheonji
Labels anyone who does not belong to Its own as a heretic

Alerted by the dramatic growth of Shincheonji, Korean Christian churches are arbitrarily labeling Shincheonji as ‘heresy’ in order to stop their own congregation members from going to Shincheonji. 

신천지예수교회의 급성장으로 인해 위기감을 느낀 한국 기독교계는 자기 교단(교회) 소속 교인들이 신천지로 가지 못하게 하려고 자의적으로 신천지를 ‘이단’이라 정죄하였다.

The Story of the people in the shincheonji
Intentional Broadcast of False and Distorted Report

Christian Media Network of Korea such as CBS, KMIB, etc. aired things that are not true as if they are true. Some people is still spreading the falsely broadcasted content of MBC PD Note as if it is the truth.

We must know the truth about the wrong doctrines of the CCK and the false and distorted coverage of CBS. Also, CBS must stop broadcasting twisted testimonies. 

It is specified in the Korean Constitution that every citizen has the freedom to choose his or her religion, and that politics and religion are separate from each other (Article 20 Clauses 1 and 2).

Recently some people are spreading dangerous and false information that distort the political issues in relation to the domestic confused situation.

Shincheonji is entirely unrelated to the current political situation. 

우리 나라 헌법에는 종교는 자유이며, 정치와 종교는 분리된다 하였다(제20조 제1, 2항). 최근 어떤 사람들은 국내의 혼란스러운 상황을 연관지어서 정치적 이슈를 왜곡한 위험하고 잘못된 정보들을 퍼트리고 있다. 종교는 하나님으로부터 있게 되는 것이다. 신천지는 지금 일어나고 있는 정치적 상황과 전혀 무관하다. 

The Story of the people in the shincheonji
Who is the people that speak the truth?

Those who belong to the CCK do not know much about the meaning of the Bible, yet they distorted the meaning of the Bible with something else, and teach their doctrines to the congregation.  

Through these following words of comparing the theologies and faiths of Shincheonji and the CCK, let us discern that who is the truth and who is the heretic.

이들은 성경의 뜻을 너무 모르며 성경의 뜻을 다른 것으로 바꾸어 가르친다. 이 글을 통해 신천지와 한기총의 신학과 신앙을 비교하여, 누가 정통이고 누가 이단인지 알아보고자 한다.

The Story of the people in the shincheonji
The Doctrine Comparison ; CCK VS Shincheonji

▲ Is the War in the Bible?

▲ the beast with seven heads and ten horns, the wine of adulteries


Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels and War in the Bible(Revelation 12:7-9)

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels and War in the Bible(Revelation 12:7-9)

Pieter Bruegel the Elder_The Fall of the Rebel Angels_War in the Bible_Revelation 12 7-9-

This painting by Flemish renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder『The Fall of the Rebel Angels』,  is an oil-on-panel, painted in 1562. 

Bruegel's depiction of this subject is taken from a passage from the Book of Revelation 12:7-9.

The archangel Michael and his angels are shown by Bruegel in the act of driving the rebel angels from Heaven. Pride was the sin which caused the fall of Lucifer and his companions, and the conflict of good and evil, vice and virtue, is a theme which recurs constantly in Bruegel's work.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels and War in the Bible(Revelation 12:9-11)
Is the War in the Bible 'World War Ⅲ'?

Today, I want to tell about the War in the Bible. Many Christian pastors insist that the war of the New Testament is 'World War Ⅲ'. Christians consider that the “last days”, "War" mentioned in the Bible apply to the world of the non-believers, but this is a wrong judgment.

In conclusion, The war the Bible speaks is neither the World War Ⅲ nor the end of the world. It is also not the frequent wars around the world. The last days(the end of the age) and the War spoken in the Bible refer to the end of Christianity.

오늘은 성경이 말하는 전쟁에 대해 얘기하고자 한다. 많은 목자들이 신약의 전쟁을 3차대전으로 주장한다. 기독교인들이, 성경이 말한 말세를 불신자들의 세상으로 보고 있으나, 이는 잘못된 판단이다. 결론부터 말하면, 성경이 말하는 전쟁은 3차대전도 아니고, 지구종말도 아니고, 세계 곳곳에서 빈번하게 발생하는 전쟁도 아니다. 성경이 말한 종말(말세), 전쟁은 기독교의 종말을 말한 것이다.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels and War in the Bible(Revelation 12:9-11)
God want Peace in the world, War is not what God want!

God is the Creator of heaven and earth and He loves His creation. The will of God is to forgive, love and do the work of salvation. In other words, God did not tell them to fight, kill, and curse each other. 

하나님은 천지 창조주이시고, 창조한 만물을 사랑하시며, 창조하신 사람에게 생육하고 번성하라 하셨다. 그리고 서로 용서하고 사랑하라 하셨으며 축복하라 하셨다. 즉, 하나님은 서로 다투고 싸우고 죽이고 저주하라고 하시지 않았다. 

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels and War in the Bible(Revelation 12:9-11)
What is the reason why the war has caused in the world?

There was one created being that had betrayed God because he wanted to become higher than God. (Ez 28, Is 14:12-15)

창조받은 피조물 중 하나가 높아지고자 하는 욕심으로 하나님을 배도하고 자기를 세워 하나님이라 하였다.

This being deceived Adam and Eve with lies, Adam and Eve got deceived by this serpent and forsook the covenant they had made with God. They no longer belonged to God but to the serpent that betrayed ; with all that they received from God, Adam and Eve went to the serpent. 

And so the serpent began to reign over the world, and God the Creator had to leave the world he created. 

이들은 아담과 하와를 거짓말로 미혹하였고, 아담과 하와는 뱀의 미혹으로 하나님과의 언약을 저버렸다. 그들은 더이상 하나님이 아닌 배도한 뱀에게 속하게 되었고, 하나님께로부터 받은 만물을 가지고 뱀에게로 갔다. 하여 뱀이 세계를 주관하게 되었고, 창조주 하나님은 창조한 지구촌에서 떠나시게 되었다.

Since the time of Adam, there have been two kinds of gods, two kinds of pastors. One of the two gods is the holy God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and the other is the evil spirit, which is a created being. There is a pastor who belongs to the holy God and a pastor who belongs to the evil spirit. 

Because of this, the religious war between the two Gods is a war to rule over mankind, between the true religion of the true God and the false religion of Satan.

아담 때로부터 오늘날까지 종교 세계 안에는 두 가지 신이 있고, 두 가지 신 중 하나는 천지 창조주인 성신이요 하나는 피조물인 악신이다. 그리고 성신에게 속한 목자와 악신에게 속한 목자가 있다. 이러한 이유로 두 가지 신의 종교 전쟁은, 참 하나님의 참 종교와 사단의 가짜 종교가 인류를 서로 주관하기 위해 싸우는 전쟁이다.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels and War in the Bible(Revelation 12:9-11)
The God's work VS Satan's work

God makes Himself known to the people (refer to Hos 6:6). And so God gave His word (the Bible) to the people in order to restore from the world of wickedness to the originally created state.

On the other hand, Satan deceives the people by masquerading himself as God and using his authority. 

Thus, the war between God and Satan and between true words(truth) and lies(false teaching) lasted for 6,000 years.

하나님은 사람에게 자기를 알리는 일을 하신다. 그래서 하나님은 죄악 세상을 본래대로 다시 회복하기 위해 하나님의 말씀인 성경을 주셨다. 반면에 사단은 자기를 하나님으로 가장하여 권세를 부리며 사람들을 미혹하는 행위를 하는 것이다. 하여 하나님과 사단, 참 말(진리)과 거짓말(비진리)이 싸우는 전쟁이 6천 년 간 있게 된 것이다.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels and War in the Bible(Revelation 12:9-11)
What kind of war is this war? 

Whenever there is a work of God on earth, the opposing work also happens. A war between God and Satan, the devil begins. 

In other words, a war begins because God and His organization fight against Satan and false teachings by exposing all that is false.  
이 전쟁은 어떤 전쟁인가? 하나님의 역사가 있음으로 사단 마귀와 하나님과의 전쟁이 있게 되었다. 곧, 하나님이 이 땅에서 역사하실 때는 하나님과 그 소속이 거짓된 사단과 비진리와 싸워 거짓된 것을 드러내는 일을 하므로 전쟁이 있게 되는 것이다.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels and War in the Bible(Revelation 12:9-11)
What kind of weapon is used in this war?

In Revelation 12, the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony were used to fight and overcome the group of the dragon. 

이 전쟁은 무엇으로 싸우는 전쟁인가? 계시록 12장에서 본바, 예수님의 피와 증거하는 말로 용의 무리와 싸워 이겼다고 하였다. 

We have to learn the revealed word about the accomplishments of the New Testament in order to become the soldiers of heaven that fight with the sword, helmet, and the full armor of Word. 

Let us be saved together in the Word of Truth!

우리는, 계시록 2, 3, 12, 15장에 말씀하신 바와 같이 증거하는 말과 예수님의 피로 용의 무리들과 싸워 이겨야 한다. 우리는 말씀의 검과 투구와 전신갑주를 가지고 싸우는 천군이 되기 위해 신약이 이루어진 계시 말씀을 배워야 한다. 진리의 말씀 안에서 함께 구원을 얻자.


Korean comedy film, Identity-swapping tale Luck-Key

Korean Movie, Identity-swapping tale 'Luck-Key'

I watched a Korean comedy film "Luck-Key," starring Yoo Hae-jin as a killer last week. There were silent and deserted because I went to see it at 10PM on weekdays. 

I want to say thanks to my friend given a theater ticket. ^^

This remake of Kenji Uchida's 2012 Japanese comedy 'Key of Life topped' the South Korean box office.

The Korean comedy film 'Luck-Key' became the first local comedy film to reach the 2 million mark in accumulated viewers in such a record short time.

The story of a hired killer who loses his memory

In Luck-Key, a down-and-out struggling actor Jae-sung (Lee Joon) finds his life transformed when a wealthy man Hyung-wook (Yoo Hae-jin) is accidentally knocked unconscious at a bathhouse. Jae-sung, jealous of Hyung-wook's affluence, swaps locker keys with Hyung-wook and assumes his identity.

As the impoverished Jae-sung takes over Hyung-wook's world, he begins living a life of indulgence while Hyung-wook, who reawakens with amnesia, faces the opposite: living in Jae-sung's humble, messy apartment and working at a restaurant, as he struggles to remember his life before his accident.

Jae-sung eventually discovers Hyung-wook was actually an assassin for hire, who was monitoring a beautiful neighbouring woman Eun-ju (Lim Ji-yeon).  Jae-sung becomes increasingly involved in protecting Eun-ju from men chasing her down, leading to the discovery of hidden truths that go beyond just identity swapping.

That's because Hyung-wook manages to transfer his retained killer abilities into other pursuits such as channeling his masterful knife skills into cooking and, in an outrageous yet entertaining twist, becoming an overnight movie sensation.

Lina (Jo Yoon-hee), the paramedic who attended to Hyung-wook at the bathhouse, also finds herself falling for Hyung-wook. 

This movie's storyline is fell flat, his transformation from cold-blooded killer to a family-oriented man tends to overshadow Jae-sung's story, which plays out more conventionally.

It is acting of the chief actor Yoo Hae-jin to save this movie 'Luck-Key'. Yoo Hae-jin as a Korean movie brand name.

Especially, it was really funny to brandishing a knife and cooking action. 

 A cold-blooded killer... The Yoo Hae-jin who appears in the first scene made him look like a heartless killer.

This is a trap to deceive the audience. 

The idea was good, but the reversal of this movie was not a bit surprised.


[Shincheonji's Bible Study]What are prophecy and fulfillment which the Bible speaks about?

[Shincheonji's Bible Study]What are prophecy and fulfillment which the Bible speaks about?

[Shincheonji's Bible Study]
The meaning of prophecy and fulfillment

The Bible is the book that God gave to teach people about Him and His Will. It allows us to understand and believe in Him. 

성경이 말한 예언과 그 성취는 무엇인가? 성경은 하나님이 하나님과 그 뜻을 사람에게 알리는 글이며, 이를 깨달아 믿게 한 것이다. 

Prophecy is a foretold event of what will take place in the future. Its fulfillment is a physical event that fulfills the prophecy as it is written. 

예언은 이룰 것을 미리 알린 것이며, 그 성취는 약속한 예언을 그대로 이룬 실체들이다.

[Shincheonji's Bible Study]
The Promised Pastor

The promised pastor is the pastor who will see the fulfillment of the prophecies as they take place and deliver the testimony appointed in the Bible. When the prophecies are fulfilled, God comes to the promised pastor and remains with him. He makes this promised pastor testify by fulfilling the prophecies.

약속의 목자는 예언을 이룰 때 보고 전할 목자로서 성경에 미리 정해 놓은 목자이다. 예언을 이룰 때 하나님은 약속의 목자에게 오시어 함께하시고 예언을 이루어 증거하게 하셨다.

[Shincheonji's Bible Study]
The orderly steps involved in the process of achieving God’s secret

Plan ▶ Prophecy ▶ Spreading ▶ Fulfillment
  1. As written in the Bible (Is 14:24), God had planned in advance what He will fulfill in the future.  
  2. God first prophesied through the prophets(Hos 12:10), he has been showing believable evidence.
  3. God has been spread throughout the past 6,000 years to let the world know the prophecies.
  4. God, then, fulfills these prophecies through the pastor who he had previously promised to send. 
하나님께서는 성경에 기록된 바와 같이 장래에 이룰 것을 계획하시고, 선지자들을 통해 먼저 예언하셨고, 믿을만한 증거를 보여주셨다. 하나님은 예언을 전세계가 알도록 하기 위해 지난 6천 년 간 전파하셨다. 그리고나서 미리 보내기로 약속하신 목자를 통해 예언을 이루신다. 

[Shincheonji's Bible Study]
God reveals his plan to the prophets then fulfills

In Amos 3:7, God said : “the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants, the prophets.” The prophecies are preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations (Mt 24:14). 

예수님 초림 후 2천 년 간은 신약의 일(복음)을 모든 민족에게 증거되게 하기 위해 온 세상에 전파한 기간이다. 
아모스 3:7에 하나님께서는 하나님의 비밀을 자기 사자에게 알려 주시지 않고는 행하지 않는다고 하셨다. 하나님은 약속하신 예언이 모든 사람에게 증거되게 하기 위해 온 세상에 전파하신다. 

[Shincheonji's Bible Study]
God first reveals his secret to the promised messenger then fulfills

And after God fulfills the things Jesus promised to fulfill(prophecies, the New Testament).

God fulfilled the prophecy He made with Abraham in Genesis 15, during the time of Moses. He fulfilled the prophecy He made to the Old Testament prophets, during the time of Jesus' first coming (Jn 19:30). 

Likewise, as the Lord fulfills Revelation today, he has shown everything to the messenger who speaks and revealed all the mysteries to him. He has sent the messenger who speaks to the churches in order that they may testify. 

그리고나서 하나님은 신약에 이룰 것을 약속하신 것(예언, 신약)을 이루신다. 하나님이 창세기 15장에 아브라함과 약속하신 예언은 출애굽한 모세 때 다 이루셨고, 구약 선지자들에게 예언하신 것은 예수님 초림 때 다 이루셨다(요 19:30). 이와 같이 오늘날 주께서 계시록을 이룰 때는 대언의 사자에게 다 보여 주셨고 그 비밀을 다 알려 주셨다. 그리고 교회들에게 대언의 사자를 보내시어 성취된 것을 증거하게 하셨다. 

[Shincheonji's Bible Study]
The promises of the New Testament

If one neither believes in the New Testament nor knows what it means, we will not recognize the fulfillment when it happens. Like those at the First Coming, we also will commit a crime.

예수님이 믿으라고 하신 것은 신약이요 약속이다. 신약을 믿지 않거나 신약의 그 뜻을 알지 못하면, 이루었다 할지라도 초림 때와 같이 범죄하게 된다.

Faith in the promises grows when people see and understand the prophecies of God. If there is no record of fulfilled prophecy, even if another prophecy is made, how can we believe and wait for it? 

The reason people cannot believe is because they do not understand prophecy and fulfillment. 

약속한 것에 대한 믿음은 하나님이 약속하신 예언을 사람이 보고 깨달았을 때 믿게 되는 것이다. 이전의 예언이 성취된 것들이 없다면 또 약속한 예언이 있다 할지라도 어찌 믿고 기다리겠는가? 믿지 못한 이유는 예언도 성취도 깨닫지 못했기 때문이다. 
하나님이 창조하신 아담과 하와는 하나님의 말씀을 온전히 깨닫지 못했기 때문에 뱀 곧 마귀(용, 사단)에게 미혹을 받은 것이다. 하나님은 아담 범죄 후 지구촌을 떠나 계셨고, 아담을 미혹한 뱀(사단)의 신이 6천 년 간 지구촌을 통치해 왔다. 하여 이 사실과 장래에 이룰 것을 하나님은 지구촌의 사람들에게 알려 온 것이 성경 말씀이다. 

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A religion which has no prophecy and fulfillment is not a religion from God

A religion that promotes doing good deeds doesn’t mean that it is the true religion. Having knowledge also does not mean that it is the true religion. Furthermore, having a long history, a scripture, culture, a lot of members, and morals does not prove a religion to be true. 

약속한 예언과 그 성취가 없는 종교는 하나님의 종교가 아닌 것이다. 선행을 한다 하여 참이 아니며, 지식이 있다 하여 참 종교가 아니며, 역사와 경서가 있다 하여, 문화가 있다 하여, 수효가 많다 하여, 예법이 있다 하여 참 종교가 될 수 없다. 

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The religion of the true God has history, teaching, prophecy and fulfillment

If there is no prophecy or fulfillment, what can a person believe?

Now, is the time for the fulfillment of prophecy. The true God has been fulfilling all of the prophecies that have been promised for the past 6000 years. Therefore, we can believe God and His promises

참 하나님의 종교는 역사와 교훈과 예언과 성취가 있다. 역사는 유일신으로부터 오늘날까지 있은 바 흐름이 있고 족보가 있으며, 종교의 교훈은 하늘에서 온 하나님의 계시이다. 하늘의 하나님의 교육 곧 가르침이다. 땅의 지식과 교육이 아니다. 삶의 선행은 사람의 기본이며, 이것으로 종교가 될 수는 없다. 예언은 하나님의 이룰 약속이며, 성취는 예언한 것을 이룬 것이다. 예언과 성취가 없으면 무엇을 믿을 수가 있는가? 지금은 예언 성취 때이다. 참 하나님은 6천 년 간 약속한 예언을 다 이루어 오셨다. 하여 하나님과 하나님의 약속은 믿을 수 있는 것이다.