[Shincheonji Religion News]The Last Question, "How can you prove God’s existence?"

[Shincheonji Religion News]The Last Question, 
"How can you prove God’s existence?"

24 questions of wisdom asked by Chairman Byoungchul Lee, founder of Samsung- answers of wisdom given by Shincheonji chairman.

The Joongang Daily News published an article on December 17, 2011, which listed a series of questions the late founder of the Samsung Group, Byeongcheol Lee, asked about religion.

The bold-print, front-page article has since drawn a lot of attention around Korea because Shincheonji chairman directed his 24 questions concerning religion, to a catholic priest a month before he passed.

The world is paying careful attention, not only because the questions were asked by one of the top leaders in the global economy, but also because no one has been able to properly answer them for the last twenty-four years.

The following article provides clear and definitive answers to Shincheonji chairman's 24 questions about religion. It has been 24 years since these questions were asked, but the answers are finally being proclaimed to the public.

Now the people of the world can find the truth they have been seeking.

[Shincheonji Religion News]The Last Question about Religion
How can you prove God’s existence? 
Why doesn’t God clearly reveal himself?

Looking at oneself gives proof of God’s existence.

God does not reveal himself to people
because God and men have become enemies.

There are two kinds of gods or spirits: 
God the creator, who is life, and an evil spirit, who is a created being.

Each kind of god has both a parent-god and a child-god.
The god who exists inside of a person is the child-god.
A person (body) is like the house for a god.(Corinthians 3:9)

[Shincheonji Religion News]The Last Question about Religion
Two Kinds of Spirits and Three Types of People

What are the two different kinds of spirits and what are the three types of people?

These are able to discern in the world of religion
when we see through the perspective of religion in the world.

The two kinds of spirits are holy spirits and evil spirits. 
And the three types of people are ‘a person who the holy spirit is with’, 
‘a person who the evil spirit is with’ 
and ‘a person who a spirit is not with, an empty house’. 

This applies to both believers and non-believers.

A god is a spirit and the soul is life.
Even if the god leaves, a person is able to breathe and live if he still has the soul.
When both the god and the soul leave, the person dies.
However, even if a body is dead, the spirit is still alive.
We cannot know God if we do not know about religion. 

'Two Kinds of Spirits and Three Types of People'

[Shincheonji Religion News]The Last Question about Religion
Adam's fall

Man (Adam), who was created and was the child-god of the Creator (Acts 17:29),
became a living spirit after receiving the breath of life (Gn 2).

However, as a result of receiving the evil spirit of the serpent(Rev 20:2), 
who is a created being, the living spirit and the evil spirit became one. 
This caused confusion, anxiety, and pain. 
The soul and the spirit left, the flesh returned to the dust and became dust (Gn 3).

People who are born with the genes of the first man (Adam)
are the people who have been living on this earth until today.

[Shincheonji Religion News]The Last Question about Religion
The god cannot come to people because of sin

When man, who is the child-god of God, receives another god, the parent-god, 
who gives life, leaves and after living the life they are left with, the man dies.

Because evil entered into life, pain and death also came into existence. 
By receiving another god, sin was committed and because of this sin, 
the holy God of life left men. 
The parent-god cannot come to people because of sin 
and people cannot go to the parent-god because of sin. 
This is how there came to be a division between heaven and hell.

Man’s life is in the word, and it is connected to the word.
God, who was the word, left man due to their sin. 

As a consequence, the source of the word which brought life to man,
was disconnected.
Man was only able to continue to live on the life which was left,
and ended up dying as a result; just as if the light of a lamp was snuffed out
because the oil was no longer continuing to be refilled.

[Shincheonji Religion News]The Last Question about Religion
The lifeline, The Cross

Jesus came and bore the cross 
in order to resolve the problem of this sin. 

The cross he took up was necessary 
to reconnect the lifeline between God and mankind.
This allows the God of life, who left us, to come back to us.

If one desires to receive forgiveness of his sin and to attain eternal life,
he must believe in Jesus’ word and act according to its meaning.

Now we must enter into the word and become one family with God.
In doing so, we will be able to live eternally with God, the origin of life.
This will only be possible because of the grace of Jesus’ blood.


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