The Favorite Bible Verses of 88 Nations, What is your favorite bible quotes?

 The Favorite Bible Verses of 88 Nations,

What is your favorite bible quotes?

In January 2017, CHRISTIANITY TODAY in the U.S. introduced the Favorite Bible Verses of 88 Nations for the past year.

The world’s favorite Bible verse in 2016 was Romans 8:28.

It was highlighted, shared, and bookmarked more than any other verse by YouVersion’s users, who have now installed its Bible App on more than 250 million unique devices.

Romans 8:28 was only the top verse in 9 of the 88 countries and territories tracked by YouVersion, including the United States, Singapore, and Ghana.

Jeremiah 29:11 was the top verse in 29 of the 88 countries and territories, including Saudi Arabia, Colombia, and Italy.

One of the most Bible verses I have seen in the last year was Romans 8:6~7. I have written an posting entitled 「The goal of God was to create the new kingdom of the 12 tribes」 in reference to Bible verse.

Apostle Paul said that the sinful mind is hostile to God. Why did Paul say this? 

Adam sinned and took all the creation he had received and went to Satan. Although God created the world, it became Satan’s possession. And the people returned to the flesh and became enemies of God. 

For this reason, this world become separated 'a kingdom and people that belong to God' and 'a kingdom and people that belong to the world'

Loving the world and man's flesh that became Satan's is loving Satan and becoming hostile to God. 

바울은 육신의 생각을 좇는 일이 하나님과 원수가 된다고 하였다. 왜 이같이 말씀하셨는가?
아담이 범죄함으로 인해 하나님께 받은 만물을 가지고 사단에게로 갔다. 하나님이 창조하신 세상이라 할지라도 하늘 소속에서 떠나 사단의 세계가 되었고, 사람들은 육체로 돌아왔고, 하나님의 적이 되었다. 그리하여 이 세상은 하나님의 나라와 하나님의 민족 그리고 세상 나라와 세상 민족으로 분리된 것이다. 사단의 것이 된 세상과 사람의 육체를 사랑하는 것은 사단을 사랑하는 것이 되므로 하나님과 원수가 된다.

Zechariah 14:9 doesn’t show up often on lists of favorite Bible verses.

But last year, these words of Zechariah showed up as the top verse on YouVersion with the most highlights, bookmarks, and shares in two countries with little else in common.

Heaven and the earth return to God at the time of the fulfillment of Revelation, and God reigns and heals all things (Rv 19:6). 

For 6,000 years after Adam’s fall, the devil has corrupted things that belong to God. That is why God restores them back into His image and likeness. This is the new covenant that God so desired to fulfill, God's Will and God's purpose.

We believers must understand the promises of the New Testament and reflect upon ourselves.

계시록 성취 때 천지는 다시 하나님께로 돌아오게 되고 하나님이 통치하시며 만물을 소성케 하신다. 이는 아담 범죄 이후 6천 년 간 마귀가 하나님의 것을 변질시켰기 때문에, 다시 하나님의 모양과 형상으로 소성시키는 것이다. 이것이 하나님께서 이루시고자 한 새 언약의 말씀이요, 하나님의 뜻이자 목적이다. 우리 신앙인은 신약의 약속의 뜻을 깨달아 자기를 봐야 한다. 

◆ Below is some of the Favorite Bible Verses of 88 Nations. What is your favorite bible quotes in the last year?

▶ Korea, Austria - Philippians 4:13

▶ Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile - Joshua 1:9

▶ Netherlands, Indonesia - Luke 24:45

 ▶ Czech Republic - 1 Corinthians 1:10

▶ China, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong - Philippians 4:6-7

▶ Thailand - Matthew 6:33

◆ Learn more about YouVersion’s list of the top verses in each nation ☞ https://goo.gl/jBALwD


Shincheonji's hope is to be united all by the scripture and Jesus' love.

Shincheonji's hope is to be united all by the scripture and Jesus' love.

"We must eliminate witches!"

At the end of Middle Ages, aristocracy and priests had propagated false faith to the people with the results of killing poverty and commoners.

These days, propagating false information on belief by condemning so called heresy by the reason of differentiation in denominations and religion and causing conflicts and war, these actions are against what Jesus teaches which is ‘Love your enemies’.

The standard on criticizing heresy among Korean church is not ‘Bible’, but ‘Money’.

The Republic of Korea guarantees the freedom of religion in its constitution, and naturally the citizens of  Republic of Korea have the right to choose the religion.

But... The Christian Council of Korea(CCK) has continued to violate human rights of the members of Shincheonji Church, including by restricting freedoms of religion.

We are all owners and the same people living in a liberal democratic country, whether we are politicians, religion people or members of society. 

For this reason, all of us must not divide one into two by taking sides.

We must discard hatred and the exclusion activities that other denomination which doesn’t support their own broadcasting financially, and/or other denomination which doesn’t belong to their own denomination criticize those others as ‘heresy’. 

With no questions asked, discrimination has to be disappeared on the world of religion and we need to make it happen.

Animals and plants find water when they feel thirsty. Like this, the hearts of the congregation members were dry from the lack of the word so, they followed the word to Shincheonji. 

Many people are gathering to Shincheonji because God’s truth is with Shincheonji. 

Shincheonji Church is putting in the effort to raise people who hold God’s law, that is, the word in their hearts and minds. 

The ultimate objective of a believer is heaven, the standard of a life of faith is the Bible, and a believer must act according to the will of God as it is recorded in the Scriptures. I hope that  all pastors and saints should stay away from hatefulness, dispute and become the true love and light.

We wish you all to become one in God’s word.

The God who brings good news and things, and proclaims peace and salvation  hopes the world will become  a peaceful place, where everyone loves each other. (Isaiah 52:7) 

We should practice ‘love your neighbor’ following ‘God’s will’ who gives you light, rain and air to live on.