Pope Francis, "Clergy sex abuse is same Satan worship"

Pope Francis, "Clergy sex abuse is same Satan worship"

Pope Francis promised to punish Clergy sex abuse thoroughly.

"zero tolerance!" 

Pope Francis said "sex abuse of Clergy is terrible crime. It is as unsightly work as Satan worship flowery words, It is no tolerance"

Sex abuse is an extremely serious problem that will last the rest of one's life.

Pope Francis emphasizing that the church has "zero tolerance" for abuse by clerics.

Pope Francis said the church is investigating three bishops for alleged offenses related to sex abuse.

However the pontiff didn't explain whether the inquiries involved conduct by the bishops themselves or were related to covering up behavior of priests under their responsibility.

For decades, bishops covered up the problem by transferring priests found to have abused children from parish to parish.

Pope Francis's this speaking is accepted by presentation of strong support that will reorganize Catholic trust and authority corresponding actively to churchman sex offense problem.

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