Shincheoji Graduation : 1,549 New John Tribe Members and 701 New Simon Tribe Members

Shincheoji Graduation

1,549 New John Tribe Members and 701 New Simon Tribe Members

July 12. John Tribe of the Shincheoji Church of Jesus, Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, had a graduation ceremony of about 1,549 students. The graduation ceremony included both domestic and overseas students that are based in Seoul and Kyunggi province and was also broadcast live in Germany. 

In addition, on July 19. Simon Tribe produced 701 of the graduating students, accounting for an amazing rate of growth. 

7월 12일 신천지예수교 증거장막성전 요한 지파가 수료식을 갖고 1549명의 수료생들을 배출했다. 수료식은 서울•경기를 비롯한 국내외 외국인 수료생도 함께 했으며, 독일 지역에 생중계 됐다. 뿐만 아니라 19일에는 시몬지파가 701명의 수료생을 배출하며 놀라운 성장세를 재입증했다. 수료식은 국내외 시온기독교선교센터 6개월 과정을 이수하고, 수료종합시험에 통과한 수료생들이 신천지 교회에 정식 입교하는 과정이다.

The graduation ceremony requires the completion of a six month course for all domestic and overseas students at a Zion Christian Missionary Center. At the end of the course, students must pass an exam to complete the final stage of the formal process to join Shincheonji Church.

Graduations are not taken lightly as many people go through a process of learning and gaining much wisdom and knowledge through what is taught. With graduations taking place at Shincheonji, many people come to learn and have a heart to diligently study in order to receive a certification that is not only recognized by the earth, but also of the heavens.

As in college and universities, people have the hope of finishing their degrees so that they may one day be able to wear their gap and gown and walk to show that they are now on a new journey. Many go out into their jobs and find what they love to do.

However at Shincheonji, it is not just knowledge and wisdom that is gained, but faith is also what is granted and following that faith comes the actions of Shincheonji graduates. Some actions include volunteer work that has been recognized by society to express a culture of love and sacrifice. There is much love to spread and that love can be spread by Shincheonji graduates who gained a heart of faith and sacrifice by knowing and perceiving the heart of God.

The graduation ceremony sermon of senior pastor covered a number of prophesies made in the Bible such as how, at the first coming, Jesus Christ sowed the seed of God as the Old Testament prophesized as well as God promising that there would be a harvest time at the second coming of Jesus Christ. 

Furthermore, Senior pastor discussed about the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation that has been happening nowadays as promised. The fulfillment includes being born again through the seed of God, being harvested and sealed with the word of truth and how believers belong to the 12 tribes as the reality of the Bible shows.

신천지 총회장은 설교에서 “초림 예수님은 구약 예언대로 하나님의 씨를 뿌렸고, 주재림에 추수 때가 있을 것을 약속하셨다”며 “이 약속대로 계시록이 이뤄지는 오늘날, 하나님의 씨로 나서 진리의 말씀으로 추수돼 인을 맞고 12지파에 소속된 여러분이 성경의 실체”라고 격려했다. 

Shincheonji was named after the Chinese characters which mean New Heaven and New Earth, just as the Bible in Revelation 21:1 promised. The church of Jesus means the owner is Jesus Christ. The Temple of the Tabernacle is the promised temple discussed in Revelation 15:5. The Temple of the Tabernacle means that the temple is evidence that testifies to the prophecy and the fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation.

The Shincheonji church consists of a total of 12 tribes. It has about 250 temples and about 300 Zion Christian missionary centers all over the world.

Also, Zion Christian Missionary Centers of Shincheonji are missionary institutes which teach the Bible free of charge to all believers. The 300 different missionary institutes have resulted in the graduation of about 20,000 domestic and foreign students annually.

‘신천지예수교’라는 명칭은 성경의 요한계시록 21장 1절에 약속한 명칭으로 새 하늘과 새 땅을 의미하는 한자어인 신천신지의 줄임말이며, 예수교는 신천지 교회의 주인이 예수님이라는 뜻이다. ‘증거장막성전’은 요한계시록 15장 5절에 하나님께서 약속한 성전이라는 의미다. ‘증거장막’이란 요한계시록의 예언과 그 예언이 성취된 것을 증거하는 장막이라는 뜻이며, 하나님이 함께하는 곳이기에 ‘성전’이라는 명칭을 쓴다. 신천지 교회는 총 12개의 지파로 구성돼 있으며, 전 세계에 약 250개 성전과 약 300개의 시온기독교선교센터를 운영하고 있다. 또한 신천지 시온기독교선교센터는 모든 신앙인들에게 무료로 성경 말씀을 가르치는 선교기관으로, 현재 국내•외 300여곳에서 연간 2만여명의 수료생을 배출하고 있다.

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