Shincheonji church volunteer "I got a foreigner friend"

Shincheonji Gunsan church volunteers

"I got a foreigner friend"

Shincheonji Gunsan church volunteers had volunteered at Gunsan restaurant for old people. Foreign Students in Korea participated that day. 

That day, Gunsan church volunteers 15 people that including Foreign Students in Korea 8 people had prepared lunch for about 400 people, distributed food and arranged. 

One of old people who saw their volunteer work said "When I meet Foreign Students, they spoke Korean well and i was happy to talk with them. I got a foreigner friend" and  he smiled a bright smile.

Mr. Dan who is from Vietnam said "I won't ever forget this new experience. I want participate volunteer work again, if there is more chance after come back my hometown."

He had an invaluable experience as a volunteer. I think We can learn to share happiness through volunteer work.

Shincheonji church volunteers are doing many activities at all over the country.

They are doing the campaign for vitalization of traditional markets, Sharing campaign for Chuseok, Korea thanks giving day, Drawing on the wall, Sharing gimjang , kimchi-making for the winter and  Blood donation.

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