Looking at Shincheonji Volunteer Group which practice 'Love Your Neighbor' 2016 in Numbers

Looking at Shincheonji Volunteer Group which practice 'Love Your Neighbor' 2016 in Numbers

About 68,783 members of Shincheonji Volunteer Group touched the lives of 116,033 people across South Korea through the Shincheonji volunteering services last year. 

For these acts of service, Shincheonji was commended and received countless plaques of appreciation from various organizations and groups. 

The activities of the year 2016 of Shincheonji Volunteer Group can be seen through the following figures.

1) 105,738 = The total number of beneficiaries to receive Shincheonji Volunteer Group's help was 105,738 in 2016. 

Approximately 1 out of 15 people who receive basic living aid (1,554,484 people in 2015) was given a helping hand by Shincheonji Volunteer Group. 

With a focus on the alienated and vulnerable classes, Shincheonji Volunteer Group spreads warmth by helping those with disabilities, foreigners in Korea, spouseless elders, teen households, rural residents, 6.25 Korean War veterans, and elementary, middle, high, and college students.

2) 61,558 = Shincheonji Volunteer Group provided 61,558 volunteers in 2016. 

Members of Shincheonji Volunteer Group carry out monthly and weekly routine services and planned occasional services throughout the country.

Of the 61,558 volunteers more than 50,000 are regular weekly volunteers and about 10,000 provide short-term assistance in their spare time.

3) 6,557 = Every week Shincheonji Volunteer Group executes a variety of services simultaneously across the country. 

The total number of service days is 6,557 in 2016 (nationwide total by sectors). If depicted by years, the total of volunteer days amounts to 18 years.

4) 67 = Shincheonji Volunteer Group held social contribution activities in 67 out of 84 cities across the country. 

In other words, Shincheonji Volunteer Group shed its light on 80% of the total number of cities in Korea. 

Regardless of the city, province, or country, even if it is a rural town off the beaten track, Shincheonji Volunteer Group will rush anywhere there are neighbors in need.

5) 67 = Shincheonji Volunteer Group received 67 awards for volunteerism from the government, national assembly, and civic and private organizations in 2016. 

Shincheonji Volunteer Group was awarded 5 awards from the government and national organizations, 2 from the National Assembly, 14 from cities, provinces, and counties, and 46 from civic and private organizations.

More specifically, Shincheonji Volunteer Group’s volunteer work in regional development, welfare improvement, and growth of love for one’s country was the foundation of the awards.

6) 11 = The voluntary sectors of Shincheonji Volunteer Group in addition to the 6 core projects. 

△Welfare for the elderly △Care for the disabled △Support for foreigners in Korea and multicultural families △Support for the marginalized classes △Lending a helping hand to rural areas △Disaster recovery △Blood donation △Support for veteran groups △Regional development △Public service campaigns △Environmental protection. These are 11 of the sectors that Shincheonji Volunteer Group are active in.

Activities of Shincheonji Volunteer Group do not only focus on helping the vulnerable and alienated classes but are also spreading gradually into areas of regional development, culture, public service campaigns, and so forth.

We serve our community in thankfulness for the grace that was given to us, like how Jesus and his disciples did.

I'm proud of the fact that I'm a part of the Shincheonji volunteers which practice ‘Love Your Neighbor’ following Will of Jesus.

We have to lower ourself and serve others, we have to value fellow brothers and sisters, love them, and protect them. Always we have to remember Jesus who died in place of the sinners.

Let us retain noble hearts and good thoughts, and let us volunteer through the truth without having any national borders. 

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