The best Bible Study & Bible Teachings, Comes to Shincheonji Church!

The best Bible Study & Bible Teachings,

comes to Shincheonji Church!

Shincheonji Church of Jesus, The Temple of the Tabernacle (Shincheonji church, Chairman Man Hee Lee)  proceeded the Bible Seminar on 'the fulfillment of New Testament Book of Revelation and the book of Revelation in general'.

The curiosity regarding the Bible in general which is from Genesis to Revelation will be solved based on 5 Ws and H at the seminar which includes ▲the secret of the New Covenant regarding heaven, ▲history of God for 6,000 which is the secret of Genesis and Revelation, ▲tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and ▲the sign of the end of the age & the faith we should have.

In addition, there will booths to properly recognize Shincheonji church which includes ▲history and growth of Shincheonji church, ▲community contribution and peace activities of Shincheonji volunteer, ▲the process to operate Zion Christian Mission center, ▲doctrine compared to existing churches and ▲main press released.

There have been thousands of people who came to Shincheonji Bible seminar. Shincheonji Matthias tribe Daejeon church which had the first seminar on 12th of April had 5,000 attendance followed by 4,000 attendance at Peter tribe Songha church in Gwangju on 14th and 2,000 attendance at Andrewtribe Andrew church in Busan on 20th, confirming the word in the Bible and resolving the curiosity about the Bible.

In addition, the number of Bible study students in the Shincheonji church recorded an all-time high this year.

By the end of May this year, the number of students attending the Zion Christian Mission Center is about 30,000, and the number of people waiting to register has reached 150,000.

The Shincheonji Church teaches the truth without money and without cost in accordance with the Bible through the Zion Christian Mission Center.

Despite about a year curriculum, it has grown more than five times compared to the previous year, which is in sharp contrast to the existing churches where membership is shrinking.

God has been making promises and fulfilling them since the time of Adam to this day, and there is nothing that has not been fulfilled. 

God is the Word in the beginning, and He has been fulfilling His promises because He has life and the power to create.

하나님은 아담 때로부터 지금까지 약속하시고 이루셨고, 이루지 않은 것은 없었다. 하나님은 태초의 말씀이시고 생명과 창조력이 있어 약속을 이루셨다.

The believers of the New Testament – those who believe in Jesus – must believe in the promise. 

Jesus made the new covenant on the night of the Passover with his own flesh and blood, as the Passover Lamb. The food, which the believers must eat to be saved, is Jesus’ flesh and blood (Jn 6:51-57). 

This is what has been promised as the new covenant.

The food, the new covenant is Revelation that is to be fulfilled. 

예수님을 믿는 신약의 성도들은 약속을 믿어야 한다. 예수님은 유월절 밤에 유월절의 어린 양인 자기의 피와 살로 새 언약을 하셨다. 성도가 구원을 위해 먹어야 할 양식은 예수님의 피와 살이다(요 6:51-57). 이를 새 언약으로 약속하신 것이다. 이 새 언약은 이룰 계시록이다. 

As it is written, the new covenant is the law of God. (Heb 8:10, Jn 12:48, Rv 20:12)

The congregation members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus have mastered the Book of Revelation of the New Testament without adding to or taking words away, have sealed it within their hearts so that it can be read even while running (Rv 22:18-19, Hab 2:2-3), and are keeping it (the new covenant). 

Come and confirm this with the New Testament Bible.

기록된 바 새 언약은 하나님의 법이다. 신천지 성도들은 신약 계시록을 가감 없이 통달하였고, 마음에 새겨 달려가면서도 읽을 수 있으며(계 22:18-19, 합 2:2-3), 이를 지키고 있다. 와서 신약 성경으로 확인하라.

I want to ask a question. How much do you know about the book of Revelation?

Anyone who has a question about the Bible, who wants to know the real meaning of the book of Revelation and who wants to listen to the doctrine regarding the book of Revelation can study. 

If you have any further questions, contact us through SNS direct messages.

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  1. It's a miracle to be living in the time when the promise in Revelation is being explained plainly.