Shincheonji Volunteers ‘People who made tiny changes’

Shincheonji Volunteers ‘The people who made tiny changes’

According to Leo Tolstoy "True life is lived when tiny changes occur."

I would like to introduce to you some people who make tiny change.

Last month, These people wearing yellow vests caused a tiny change in the old walls of Gyeonggi-do Bucheon-si Daejang-dong, S. Korea.

For a neglected class of people, they came to the village to paint murals on the side of buildings under the title 'Dream'.

Volunteers offers volunteer work to 3 households, which were selected, during 4 days. Shincheonji volunteers and 108 foreign workers worked together.

Before they colored the side of houses, they filled the crack with cement, and weed the lawn for the wall full of dream.

Participating the Mural Painting makes me happy. Serving Volunteer makes me happy. 
By having a discussion with friends we get closer to each other.

Jonathan from Philippine shared how he felt after competing Mural Painting.

“We hope our mural painting help people to remind their childhood. And it might provide chance to find dream to somebody.”

Shincheonji Volunteers were thanked and happy for the residents because they welcomed the volunteers. After the murals were completed, the volunteers were delighted to see the smile of residents. 

They offers various voluntary activities constantly ; 

▲Environmental cleanup volunteer, Fixed volunteer work with Korean War Veterans Association, 
▲Year-end and New Year’s campaign to help unfortunate neighbors (rice, Kim-chi, donating briquettes), 
▲Pink cloth Volunteer (sharing the side dishes), 
▲A Cheer for a Hundred Years of Age (making healthy the old culture), etc.

Shincheonji Volunteers will continue so, please give cheers for their various voluntary activities. 

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