Seoul Ceramics Art, Ceramic Chinaware

Seoul Ceramics Art, Ceramic Chinaware

Short time, I have been to Seoul ceramics art fair doing at Seoul Arts Center - Hangaram art museum.

Seoul ceramics art fair did at Seoul Arts Center - Hangaram art museum from June 6 to 15 day.

100 potters participated in Seoul ceramics art fair(2014) and showed the quintessence of Ceramic art's rare.

Seoul Ceramic Art Fair 2014

Ceramic Chinaware 1. Tasteful pretty house

Ceramic Chinaware 2. The Animal Kingdom

Animals which wear dress gracefully!

A drunken dog!

Writer has a remarkable ability to express.

Work that make an animal like a person was unique and interesting.

Ceramic Chinaware 3. Cute cats

So So cute~~~

This ceramics wanted to have really.

Ceramic Chinaware 4. Beautiful shade of color ceramics

Ceramic Chinaware 5. See ceramics top!

McDonald mark, Mickey Mouse, Bunny girl have sat in ceramics top.

Ceramic Chinaware 6. Slender bride VS Fat Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman! How did you hurt yourself? (づ_ど)

I'm really happy to watching exhibition after a long time.

Through this exhibition, interest of people for Korean ceramics should like to rise.

I hope that interest of people for Korean ceramics rises through this exhibition.

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